Foliar, Hokusai, Lichen, Cascade and Kelp


Foliar was the first style I developed. 

There were a few false starts. Holes and gaps developed in the designs as the panels sagged with time, and so I had to solve that with a bit of engineering.


Lichen doesn’t have a panel of its own yet, but this sample gives you some idea of how it looks.

A design with no holes in it, this style is suitable for a wall or a window where little or no light is required to enter, or where one needs greater privacy. I may well develop this also as one of the vertical blind alternatives, with a shaped border rather than a straight edge.


It was a great experience to have a friend buy a set of custom-made ‘Hokusai’ style panels for his wife’s birthday. I checked on them periodically. 

My first commission in the Lichen style

After four years, the top was looking a bit wavy, as you can see in the image above. So future gaps for hooks will be 5mm apart instead of 10cm as you see in this pic. In this particular case, the client was perfectly happy though and refused to let me fix them. They had come through four years of strong winds at the window and were otherwise holding up extremely well.


Another unexpected client was my future daughter-in-law, who requested 80 wedding invites. For these I used the ‘Cascade’ style to form an A5 folder, into which they inserted another folded piece of paper in burnt-orange, containing the happy news. 

cascade panel

Later, I incorporated some of these into this vertical blind.


Below is the Kelp style, which is envisioned as long strips, (about 2m) to replace boring vertical blinds.

The top has a self-loop, which can be fastened to a curtain rail, or be cut off and fitted to vertical rail fittings.

Like the narrow folia panels, these will be produced in three different designs, which will then repeat.
This prevents the eye becoming obsessed with the repeating patterns, and rather reflects nature, with its similar but not identical design.

Kelp entire piece
Entire Kelp design
Detail of Kelp style