From Dappleshades to Shylight… to Dappleshades.

Making paper blinds in the form of falling leaves for my bedroom, marked the beginning of ‘Dappleshades’, which was a stop-start affair. The original inspiration and then encouragement came from my mentor; her husband had put himself through university and paid the bills during the early years of their marriage with paper sculptures.

Orders from friends and art galleries began coming in and going out but the momentum of all this potential ground to a halt just as things got exciting. My freelance illustrator’s income could not support the time or materials just to develop prototypes. And the prototypes were cut freehand, so it was a bit of a fraught process.

How I missed my Undo button.

Worse, I lived for five years under the delusion that because the waterjet cutting machine uses only DWG files, produced by Autocad which I honestly didn’t feel like spending time on… I couldn’t move on with mechanising the process once prototypes had been developed.

There the matter rested, until my husband asked ‘But is that the only programme you can use to make this file?.’ The lights went on: CorelDRAW! My son has used this program for more than ten years. So he’s joined us and I’ve learned the value of working as a team after being stubbornly solitary for around 28 years.

Dishwater inspiration
I look forward to converting coconut oil in dishwater to a beautiful Dappleshade.
One of several tracings for the Cascade style

Then someone whose opinion matters a great deal, mentioned that she couldn’t remember the name Dappleshades. So after much consultation on Facebook, the name Shylight evolved. All went well until the same beloved person confessed that she just ‘couldn’t remember the new name of the Dappleshades’.

And, since another company had called their paper lampshades ‘Shylights’ as well – it has to be Dappleshades again… so here we are, since the 21 November 2018, feeling a bit sheepish. Especially on Facebook, where I patiently await the merging of the Shylight page and the Dappleshades page.

Please do join us on the Dappleshades page!